I have created my first website. It is the first time, I have had my own website and this made me happy. Weebly is a good web page for creating a website and using it effectively. I met weebly thanks to CALL and I always use it. It has everything for creating a well-organized website. We can add visual and auditory elements on it. Our website includes music, video, picture, photo, blog, links, forum etc.

  We can edit its form, everybody can make form which reflect their personalities for their website; calm, cheerful or peaceful like a coffee. You can meet your visitors with a nice slayt.  It belongs to you completely; its form, content. You can share with your visitors what you want. As a teacher, we can want students collect their tasks. We will use our websites for collecting term tasks. It is a good store for us.



  Internet amazed me one more time. We can create a 3D world for us thanks to this miracle web page. Second life is real second life like its name. You can create your own character like you and wear it. It can do anything which a person can do. In addition to this, it can even lecture online; give a conference, make presentation etc. We can edit this character like I want. We decide its appearance, personality, where it goes and communicate with whom.

  Many places over the world have 3D virtual and we can provide our characters go there in second life. In 3D worl, we can connect my friends and go their near. As a teacher, we can adapt this application to our classes. We can teach a lesson, connect with students and provide that they interact with each other. Thanks to this, we have fun with lesson and attract students’ attention. They learn enjoying. Since I can’t connect the site, I can’t discover this funny web page. When I use it detailed, I’m sure that I can find many features which I don’t know.


  These sites meant for our department. They will be most useful helpers for us as a foreign language teachers. Especially, teachers who work with young learners are lucky. They are really excellent applications. I’m sure, students like them very much. Thanks to these, students not only enjoy with story telling  in the classroom, they but also anticipate the lesson actively.
  They provide to improve students’ creativity, students can create their story books according to the story which be told by the teacher. Thus, they will learn more effectively. Storyjumper is according to our choices, we can choose whatever we want while we create our story books. It is our product excitely.
  Dfilm is a preparing digital story program. We can prepare the story as a video, characters can speak and move in it. We can’t document it unlike  Storyjumper, we can provide students to watch it in the classroom or upload to a website for sharing with students. It is moving, colorful, interesting for students. We can use it easily in our  classroom.

Too Hot Potatoes

  These potatoes are wonderful!  They are very talented. Teacher can create various activities, tests, quizes with these talented potatoes. Also they are colorful as their functions!
   It is teachers’ best helper for assesment of students, you can create an assesment test like you want. It’s best feature I like is feedback. When students choose one option, they met with a feedback about it is true or not.  When students choose the correct option, they met a supporting feedback or they choose the wrong answer, they met a corrective feedback. Feedback explains why it is wrong and gives the correct answer. I think it is useful to motivate students.

WizIQ: The Most Wonderful Site I Have Ever Seen

In a word, classroom is in our home!  We have a white board, also we can raise our hand to speak. It is like a real classroom with its functions. We can speak and hear each other, write something to the board and everybody can see.
  Another advantage  of this site, teacher can control the students to speak, write to board and hear something, when they raise their fingers. Thanks to this wonderful site,  after a few year, maybe students won’t need to go to the school no longer.
  While we are sitting in our home and dormitory, we can attend to the lesson online with our coffee in our hand.


 I had some different experiences in the lesson this week. One of them was that  learning my favorites on my pc can be with me whenever I want. When I heard it, I was surprized and liked it. It is available for us. Also, we can follow each other and share documents with each other so we can use in our lessons as a teacher.

  The second thing made me shock is webheads! People from all over the world came together online thanks to webheads. Even, one group have made connection with each other since 1992 at this platform. 1992! I hadn’t been born yet. That group have came together at same on same day time for 22 years. It is amazing.

  Lastly, dropbox was here. I used it the first year of the university for a lesson. It is good option for sharing files or keep your files. When your pc have a problem, your files don’t have any damage because dropbox keep your files on the internet. In this respect, not only as a teacher or students but also It is necessary for us in every stage of our life.

Revision of Prezi, Edmodo and Dokeos

  I have no difficulty for learning topics of this week because I have already had information about them, also I have used some of them previously. Firstly, Prezi is modern and have more qualification than power point. If you want to have variety while you prepare and present your presentation, Prezi is for you  I prepared a presentation with Prezi last year and it is really easy to use. You can create your presentation, organize it however you want. You have lots of themes, you can edit backgorund of the presentation acoording to your topic and context of it. It add visuality to your presentation while you are presenting.

  The second thing is Edmodo. We used it last term with Mrs. Söylemez. It is useful not only teachers but also students. It gives chance the teachers to follow and evaluate students’ tasks and students can follow announcments easily from there. It is well-organized website because It has deadline. when the students miss the deadline, they can’t upload their tasks. thanks to this, students submit their assigment on time and have responsibility about their tasks. I think I use when I will be a teacher.

  Finally, Dokeos! It was trial and error for us. Actually, It was useful website for us because It had technological problems. Dokeos have extensive content and it can be used for large groups. The best feature of it is that  teacher can see when students enter the site, how long stay there and statistics of their assigments in detailed. Dokeos is suitable for especially teachers.



   This week, tecnology and internet dumbfounded  me one more time. Every week, my confusion, interest, curiosity and willingness to learn more and new things are increasing. This week again, I met new and various advantages of technology and really, I am glad to meet them J  Two perfect websites, they will be very useful to me and I want to use them actively at all stages of my life, as a student or a teacher.

   On the other hand, Socrative is my favourite as a teacher, I can get the students to my room from their homes. What a perfect system! I can control the students, their quizes or other things, with only a button by sitting and sipping my coffee in my home. In addition to this, students can reply the questions in a competition in the classroom for young learner, children will like it very much. Being presented of results to us as a document provides their permanent. Socrative reminds me ‘’Sokrates’’. He was an Greek philosopher. Simirlarly, socrative is as to philosopher of internet according to my views.

  In adition to socrative’s useful functions like these, our smart phones were smarter than usual time today,too  because they helped us to carry the applications in the classroom to our pockets. At this point, ‘Qrstuff ’ appeared. Code system really made me confused! When my phone realized the code on the board, it provided me to see all information about source. It is a miraculous invention! I didn’t like spending time in front of the computer much but these creative websites provides that I like technology, internet and computer much more. 


  Hello to a new week with CALL !  We added new applications to our CALL files  this week again. We have various services of internet which we will be able to use when become a teacher. It is not easy to be a teacher of the tecnology era, we have students who have tablet, smart phone and it won’t be  enough  we use which classic methods to teach, coursebooks, worksheets, exam papers etc. Everybody can use these, we can use different things to be permanent and to be a teacher who is wanted.

  We have CALL to provide this difference, our students will be also lucky thansk to this. Students will learn english diferent methods with us by having fun. Here is one of them, GOOGLE DRIVE! I really like it because it is a comman platform, we can use it not only as a teacher but also when we are students. Stop to struggle organizing meeting for group works!  We can make our group works, presentations, discussions about a topic without getting together no longer. There is’nt problem of time and place. Whenever we want, we can use it. It’s function which I like most; everybody can edit each other’s  writings, add something or delete something and everybody can see it. What exciting, isn’t it ?

  Lastly, we met pbworks as a wiki. I’m sure it is useful and practical but I like drive more than pbworks. Actually, pbworks has some advantages like these; we can add all of our students to it, then they have account and we can send to message collectively. In addition to this, to support our thoughts, we can upload video from youtube automatically. As a conclusion, I have two new websites, too. I will use them as a student or teacher when I need.


  Yes, Twitter ! Thanks to this course, finally I have a twitter , too.

  Firstly, we examined wordpress in detailed and we edited our blogs. I saw that wordpress has a lot of functions and we can use it easily. We are free for editing our blogs as we want , about theme, colour and order of it.  Actually, we have chance to use it in various fields extensively. We saw that  some acedemicians improve their blogs and have fame thanks to their blogs. You can write about whatever you want in  your blogs and hundreds, maybe thousands of people follow you and your blogs will be famous.

  Mr. Akayoğlu suggested some people to follow  , they have a lot of blogs and articles about teaching english and they are really professinal in this field and value to follow. Mr. Akayoğlu has a few blogs, too and he showed his blogs to us as example and thanks to him, we saw, actually we can have a blog with group of friends and make sharings as joint. I like this idea! We can do it, why not ?

  Lastly, my lovely matter is TWITTER ! After long disobedience, I created a twitter account and I am using it amusingly and socializing. Our homework at this week was  to follow 25 people and  made friends. Task was completed. I wait what we will do wit it more impatiently. Twitter has a member like me  no longer. How happy for it.